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Newport Civic Centre

Iconic buildings in Newport

Iconic buildings in Newport

Newport Civic CentreArchitecture is the soul of every building. It depicts freedom of thoughts and castigates powerful emotions in people. This has been the trend since time immemorial. All over the world, architects pride themselves by seeing their works admired and even employed by others in their buildings. One such place that has seen generations of innovative architects is Newport. Its architectural fabrics have been a representation of the contributions made to the history of architecture in America for hundreds of years. Rhodes Islands in Newport has many iconic buildings.

Some of the most notable architectural achievements in Newport include the Hunter House. This was built during the Georgian period. The Georgian period was a time when Newport led not only to be an arts and crafts center but also in the commercial seaport. During the late 19th century and the early 20th century, Newport buildings played a central role in promoting elegant architectural structures that marked lead in the nation’s structural times. During this period, houses were built in spectacular and marvelous ways. In 1841, a cottage boom excelled, which saw many cottages constructed in different styles that stood out from the rest. One of the most prominent cottages built during that time was the Kingscote, which was an early summer cottage. This cottage exemplified the picturesque of cottages, which dominated the domestic architecture of the American history in the 19th century.

Another exceptional building was the Isaac Bell House, which was designed by the McKim, Mead and White firm in 1883. This was a masterpiece representation of the Rosecliff and Shingle style. These were the very first project in the United States of America to make use of glazed terracotta on the building’s exteriors. Numerous houses that were built in Newport including the Breakers and the Marble House in 1895 and 1892 respectively. Richard Morris Hunt made these homes after attending the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

By the mid-20th century, Newport had become a legacy of great architectural land that harbored the most magnificent buildings of all times. Nevertheless, this legacy faced a significant threat from the demolitions that began occurring. The heritage that had been built through hard work was now almost lost in spite of the efforts that were shown by many in a bid to save the culture. Many famous buildings were lost due to their riddance to make a place for new buildings that showed the cultural beauty of the current generation.

Among the remaining buildings, one is the Passport House. The building stands to be counted as one of the most intricate designs ever in existence housing the UK passport. The creation of its plan was worked on by two architectures which were members of the Scott family. These two had been a select by the Home Office alongside other seven people. All of these came from different realms of the art world namely, design and culture, architecture and art. They had been tasked with the responsibility of coming up with the best and most creative theme that would be a representation of the new passport in the United Kingdom. The two individuals were Giles Gilbert Scott and Elisabeth Scott. They made significant cultural and creative contributions not only in the United Kingdom but also in the world.

Ultimately, these architectural designs have made massive impacts in the world today through promoting the ideas of depicting cultural heritage and legacy in designs. Therefore, since the current buildings have taken a turn in portraying modernity, it is evident that they still represent some components of the old buildings. These structures have left a mark in modern architecture.

Champagne required to toast new web site

The Newport Civic Society are pleased to launch their new site, complete with facilities for distributing news via email and RSS, an online forum to discuss matters, that results in a significant cost saving through reduced paper and postage requiremet.

This is a cornerstone of our new drive to attract new members, people who like ourselves want to see Newport succeed and want to celebrate its successes.

Handing on the Baton

At our meeting on 12th August 2005, our Chairman Mr. Jim Williamson announced his retirement as Chairman of the Committee. It is with much regret that we accept his resignation. During the 3 years as Chair (and prior to this as Vice Chair and also doubling as Secretary) he has made an invaluable contribution.

By unanimous resolution Mr Brian Field has been elected Chair, and Mr Robert Morris as Vice Chiar. We are revamping our newsletter and commencing a membership drive so please support the Newport Civic Society by attending our September meeting (22nd Sep, Newport Civic Centre). See our next meeting page for more info.

Happy Christmas and a Happy new year.

Hi everyone,

It’s difficult to juggle everything then find time to write some words on behalf of the Executive Committee to everyone in and not yet in the Society.

I should start by thanking everyone for their support and we hope you have enjoyed being involved in Newport’s past, present and future. It’s too easy to be apathetic and talk Newport down. There’s a tendency for that. We need to talk up our City, and be proud of who we are. We have achieved fantastic things and may we long continue to do so, but we must not forget the lessons so well taught in the past.

Spread the word, talk Newport up, and let’s really drive forward involvement next year. If you can get involved online then great, if you’re not PC literate find someone who is to help you. If you try I will be so pleased. The pen is mightier than the sword and the internet is a way of wielding the pen. Voicing your concerns verbally is transient while recording and digitising them is forever. We need to involve people and galvanise opinions. By creating a force of momentum we will be heard.


I don’t think we should be 100% digital/virtual – we must also organise interesting, involving face to face meetings and activities too. But hey I can’t do everything!

Happy new year and hope you had a happy christmas.