Happy Christmas and a Happy new year.

Hi everyone,

It’s difficult to juggle everything then find time to write some words on behalf of the Executive Committee to everyone in and not yet in the Society.

I should start by thanking everyone for their support and we hope you have enjoyed being involved in Newport’s past, present and future. It’s too easy to be apathetic and talk Newport down. There’s a tendency for that. We need to talk up our City, and be proud of who we are. We have achieved fantastic things and may we long continue to do so, but we must not forget the lessons so well taught in the past.

Spread the word, talk Newport up, and let’s really drive forward involvement next year. If you can get involved online then great, if you’re not PC literate find someone who is to help you. If you try I will be so pleased. The pen is mightier than the sword and the internet is a way of wielding the pen. Voicing your concerns verbally is transient while recording and digitising them is forever. We need to involve people and galvanise opinions. By creating a force of momentum we will be heard.

Visit: http://www.newportcivicsociety.org.uk/forum/index.php

I don’t think we should be 100% digital/virtual – we must also organise interesting, involving face to face meetings and activities too. But hey I can’t do everything!

Happy new year and hope you had a happy christmas.